Shift Up a Gear with Luxury Car Rental in Miami

You can make any trip extra special with a luxury automobile rental from American Luxury Group. We offer an exciting collection of luxury rentals ranging from European to American SUVs, sports cars, classic convertibles, and so much more.

With American Luxury Group luxury car rental in Miami, you can do more than dream it by experiencing the latest models from top manufacturers such as:

·  Mercedes-Benz

·  BMW

·  Land Rover

·  Audi

·  Jaguar

·  And more!

Choose from a wide variety of high-performance, luxury automobiles like these to make your journey as pleasurable as the destination:

Lincoln Navigator

A Lincoln Navigator Rental is no ordinary SUV. This elegant beauty is one that no auto enthusiast can afford to miss. Assembled with precision and user experience at its heart, a Lincoln Navigator guarantees value for your money and your time.

The 3.5L turbocharged engine discharges the right amount of power for outstanding performance on any road surface, following your commands nimbly with the turn of the wheel and the push of a button.

Nonetheless, this luxury SUV rental would be nothing without comfort and of course… luxury. The curated Lincoln interior features in the Navigator remain unmatched. Enjoy a spacious, versatile cabin with stitched leather and luxurious power seats, as well as a 360-degree bird view system, proximity sensors, and a state-of-the-art navigation and information center.


Based on the former GL standard class, the AMG GLS 63 is a shockingly quick, extremely agile for its size luxury SUV rental with the incredible stopping power we’ve all come to know and love from Mercedes performance models.

The AMG GLS 63 handles like a dream with adjustable air suspension. Enjoy a cruise alongside Biscayne Bay in Sport or Sport+ modes for varying performance degrees as the system keeps the vehicle flat and comfortable through corners.

This is the ideal luxury car rental in Miami when you need that extra space for gear, in addition to multiple passengers. Nevertheless, this Mercedes-Benz rental lets you traverse the South Florida community in style on your way to your next destination.

Rolls Royce Cullinan

You too can get behind the wheel of the very first all-terrain luxury SUV from Rolls Royce and travel in the lap of preeminent luxury on your next trip to South Florida with this Rolls Royce rental in Miami.

The Cullinan attains its name from the largest diamond ever uncovered and this luxury SUV rental is no exception to its namesake. Inside this wondrous automobile, you will find a spacious, luxury interior with every perk you can expect from a Rolls Royce rental.

The Cullinan additionally seats up to 4 people in unparalleled style and comfort. When you want to rent the most luxury SUV rental in the world, the Rolls Royce Cullinan is the ideal solution for you.

Every detail of the interior remains meticulously custom-crafted to perfection. Drape yourself and your cohorts in hand-stitched leather with a bespoke SUV and the latest in Rolls Royce technologies from American Luxury Group.

Luxury Car Rental in Miami | American Luxury Group

With these luxury SUV selections, you’ll make heads turn while remaining more enthralled with the pinnacle of comfort and luxury you experience while inside the vehicle. Enjoy one of our many booking options with an extensive vehicle selection from the largest exotic fleet you’ll find anywhere.

Rent a like-new luxury vehicle from American Luxury Group today and learn what it’s like to capture a slice of the high life for a slice of the price with a luxury car rental in Miami from our team!

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