Common Mistakes with Exotic Car Rental to Look Out For

Renting a luxury or exotic automobile for business or pleasure is often the best part of a blusiness trip, vacation, or weekend away from the typical day-to-day. An exotic car rental in Miami can offer a unique thrill from getting behind the wheel of such a powerful automobile while sojourning in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

However, if you’re spending hundreds to thousands of dollars renting an exotic vehicle, you want to ensure you make the right choices to ensure your plan goes the way you imagined it. This includes avoiding this list of scary mistakes from our team at American Luxury Group in the Miami-area:

Not Securing a Reservation

Reservations are there for a reason. If you wait too long to secure a vehicle, you could end up finding that either the booking you had your heart set on is unavailable or that you won’t find a vehicle available for your needs whatsoever.

In Miami, the busy season is virtually all year long, and there is no guarantee that you can find a car in the stature of a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or even a Mercedes-Benz on last-minute notice.

When you need a vehicle for an extended period, it is in your best interest to make a reservation ahead of time. Booking an exotic car rental in Miami from American Luxury Group is easy. Head to our website and book a rental. We’ll verify the availability of your choice and time period, confirming the reservation swiftly and efficiently.

Once confirmed, you simply need to wait for the day you scheduled your Miami supercar rental. We even offer delivery for your convenience!

Not Picking the Right Car

Deciding on the right vehicle to accommodate your desires and needs is crucial to your overall satisfaction with an exotic or luxury car booking. Renting a 2-seat Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet is hardly the best idea when traveling with the entire family or a group of friends; and who wants to rent a convertible if there’s poor weather ahead in the forecast?

You’ll also want to ensure that the vehicle has the right type of transmission that you want and can drive. Some vehicles come with a stick-shift manual transmission, not something every driver feels comfortable driving.

Not Checking on Additional Vehicle Costs

Some exotic car rentals require particular types of fuel like premium unleaded or even racing fuel. Not complying with these requirements can damage the internals on a luxury or exotic vehicle.

It is also important to understand what your provider requires for refilling the rental vehicle. Some may allow you to return a vehicle empty while others need a full gas tank for the return. 

In these scenarios, not complying with the supplier may result in a significant penalty. Some companies even charge over double the cost of fuel for their trouble.

Not Inspecting the Car in Advance

This one is very important. So many first-time renters assume that simply because a company provides exotic and luxury vehicles that every rental remains in pristine condition. While car rental services stake their reputation on their fleet’s quality, offering up the exotic rental bookings isn’t always the case.

Make sure you check any rental for damage caused by other drivers inside and out of the vehicle. Take pictures of any dents or scrapes for evidence. This will help you avoid being on the hook for someone else’s mistake.

Taking Out the First Available Vehicle

At American Luxury Group, we look at our exotic car rentals in Miami as an experience. Why should you settle for anything less than your dream car for a one-of-a-kind day or weekend experience?

Every exotic and luxury car is unique, and your rental booking should reflect this. The best rental car companies should guide you to make a selection for you, not pressure you into driving something that you won’t enjoy, and that doesn’t suit your needs.

Rent Exotic Cars in Miami Beach | American Luxury Group

You aren’t on the hook for an exotic car rental until you sign on the contract line. Don’t let anyone, especially a car rental company, push you to make a decision that isn’t right for you. 

American Luxury Group takes pride in assisting the South Florida community by offering up the very best and largest exotic fleet available in the Miami Area. We can help you capture a unique experience, unlike any other with an exotic car rental in Miami fit for a celebrity, athlete, or other notable personality.

Make renting a Miami supercar from our team a great part of your South Florida experience. With American Luxury Rentals, you can enjoy all the benefits with increased convenience and customer service. Reach out to our team today! 

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