Is Now the Time to Break the Barrier Between You and the Great Outdoors?

In South Florida, we experience great weather almost all year long, aside from the summer thunderstorms and impromptu spring showers. However, so few of us take the time to appreciate the gorgeous tropical surroundings. Well, don’t wait any longer because the time is now. The weather is heating up again, and the summer breeze is in full effect.

Any driver can appreciate rolling their windows down to feel the warm summer breeze. You can take this a step further with a luxury car rental from American Luxury Group

Today, we’re talking about convertibles and all the great benefits they can offer in a pristine locale like Miami and the surrounding South Florida area.

You Can See Everything. We Mean Really See It.

The most notable benefit of driving a convertible is the obvious ability to drop the roof back and experience the environment without all the surrounding steel. The thing is, though, this can eliminate blind spots while increasing your visibility overall.

Driving a convertible luxury car rental will help you see more of the world around you and decrease any difficulties in maneuverability or during parking. Increasing your viewing radius by putting the top down also eliminates a common, dangerous blind spot created by the C-pillar (column that supports the rear of the roof) for true 360-degree visibility.

Who Doesn’t Like Versatility and Style?

We live in an increasingly busy world. Any time that you can spend adding additional tasks to your day without added effort is a great opportunity. 

Think about things this way, in South Florida, and you can get a great tan while commuting from A to B!

Many modern cars go from coupe to sedan or vice versa by merely pushing a button. This offers you the best of both worlds. You can get some wind in your hair and some sun on your face while still maintaining the safety and security of a roof should you hit a patch of those notoriously unpredictable Florida showers.

A convertible luxury car rental can offer you a classic, sporty look with dual-functionality. A convertible car could provide you with the wow-factor you’re looking for when you want some additional style that isn’t out of place in Miami Beach.

Unlimited Head Space

With the hectic nature of most people’s day-to-day modern lives, getting out on the open road even for a little bit can offer some significant psychological stress relief. However, a convertible luxury car rental can provide this existential and literal headroom.

How many times did you find yourself running down the road only to find the perfect set of torches for your lawn, but they just won’t fit in the car? With a convertible automobile, this isn’t a problem. Simply pop the roof back, and the sky’s the limit for what you can store.

Book a Luxury Car Rental Convertible | American Luxury Group

What better way to enjoy the sun and the fresh South Florida air than with a luxury car rental convertible from American Luxury Group? Life is short, but the highway isn’t, and there is no better time to get behind the wheel.

Our team wants to help you drive in lux, even for just a weekend. Reach out to us today to learn more about a luxury booking from South Florida’s preeminent luxury and exotic car rental provider!

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